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Mrs. Kennemer

Director of Special Education

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Mrs. Whitledge

Elementary Special Education


Mrs. Mooney

Elementary/Middle School Special Education

Mrs. McClellan

Middle School/High School Special Education


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Child Find

Steps in Evaluation



Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program


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Sayre Public Schools Participation in Child Find

            The Child Find Services of the Sayre Public Schools is seeking information concerning handicapped children and adults who might be eligible for education services from the vocation-technical education program.

            The Bureau of Education for the handicapped has mandated that the public education facilities will be responsible for education of all handicapped children/adults regardless of their handicapping condition.

            The State Department of Education has approved regulation to meet minimum guidelines to implement such services.  Sayre Public School is asking for everyone’s help in locating all unserved handicapped children/adults.  It is the responsibility of each local school district to locate and refer all handicapped children/adults who are not receiving educational services from the vocational-technical school system.

            To refer a child with a suspected handicap, or for information and programming available for handicapped students, please call Lori Kennemer, Director of Special Education (580) 928-2013.


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Steps in Evaluation

Your child is having trouble in school.  Someone notices, maybe you, maybe a teacher.  You both want your child to do well in school.  The first step is to evaluate your child to find out what is causing your child to have problems.


Step 1:            Using what’s already known

The group of people (which will include you) evaluating your child looks at what information is already available about your child.  Does the group need more?  If so, the school will collect it.


Step 2:            Collecting more information

The school asks for your permission to evaluate your child.  You give informed written permission.  The school then collects more information about your child.


Step 3:            Deciding your child’s eligibility

Is your child eligible for special education and related services?  Based on the evaluation results, the group of school professionals and you, the parents, decide.


Step 4:            Developing your child’s educational program

            If your child is eligible, you and the school will develop an educational program to meet your child’s needs.



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